Klart för strategiskt samarbete mellan Conveyex och Telair

Pressmeddelandet följer på engelska:
Conveyex enters into strategic partnership with the world’s leading company in aircraft cargo-handling

Conveyex has signed an agreement with Telair International to commercialize its invention Aerobelt. Aerobelt is an in-hull, loading-/unloading system with a stand-alone electrical system and a significantly lower weight than that of current solutions. Telair acquires all assets with regard to Aerobelt, and Conveyex remains as a developing partner.

I am proud and happy to the fact that the market leader of this segment has chosen Aerobelt as a cornerstone in their future offerings, says Conveyex CoB Claes Brismar.

With Aerobelt we will continue to offer our customers superior benefits in terms of total economy, says Anders Helmner, CEO Telair International AB, Sweden.

About Conveyex
Conveyex AB is developing solutions for the logistics in and around airports, with products such as Aerobelt, AUM (Automatic Unloading Machine for containers and luggage) and Butterfly (a soft and foldable ULD-container system).

About Telair
Telair International provides the world's airlines and OEMs with advanced cargo-handling systems and aftermarket services. We are a one-stop shop for the design, manufacture and support of complete on-board baggage and cargo handling systems for both wide- and narrow-body aircraft. Telair is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for both Airbus and Boeing, in addition to supporting more than 50 carriers worldwide.