Midroc Remote Mining

In the mining industry, the demands for personal safety and productivity are enormous. Our demands are just as high. Therefore, we have developed Midroc Remote Mining, which makes it possible for you to manage all mining operations from a control room above ground.

As an expert in mining logistics, we frequently work with the largest and most high-tech mines in the world. It does not matter if it concerns iron ore in Kiruna, gold in Indonesia or copper in Australia. The solution comprises systems and infrastructure for loading, operating and unloading of driverless trains that transports the ore from the mining location to the processing plant.

It is all about integrating, coordinating and remote-controlling functions. From logistics and transport, to ventilation and communication systems, so that you get a fully automated and highly productive mining operation with the least possible impact on the environment.
With our project ability, we take full responsibility for systems, electricity and power, and mechanics and assembly. And we make sure to get the job done.