Fire alarms

nstallations of detectors, alarm buttons and sounders require knowledge. Therefore, it is important that you turn to a certified company that is specialized in fire alarms. We will customize your fire alarm system, in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

Swedish legislation and a national set of rules and regulations controls how fire alarm systems are constructed. Industries, companies, large shops, municipalities, county councils, institutions and others all follow the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s (Svenska Brandskyddsföreningen) rules for automated fire alarms. Depending on the premises, different alarms are required, according to the rules. The regulations exist to protect people, buildings and the environment – and we can help you understand the rules and find solutions that are suitable for your business.

Because everyone has different needs.

Industries have high demands for operational safety, because the business operations have to keep going for as long as possible without downtime, while public businesses are governed by demands from the authorities, since their primary focus is to protect the public. External demands often set the frames for which alarm system is necessary, but you still need to consider a number of things. Smoke detectors? Flame detectors? Heat detectors? Carbon monoxide detectors? Models? How should they be installed? As experts in fire alarms and with SBSC-certified engineers, we will help you.

Since we are no committed to any suppliers or manufacturers, and in accordance with current rules and regulations, we can help you find the system that is best for your business.