Burglar alarms

How do you prevent burglary? Which burglar alarm is best? Should the alarm be connected to an alarm central, a security company or a cell phone? Should a camera start when the alarm goes off? Does the camera need a permit?

The technological development is moving fast when it comes to burglar alarms. Unfortunately, this is a necessity. Burglars always find new ways to break in. If you want to protect your property, you have to keep up – and you can feel secure in knowing that we are authorized in accordance with SSF1015 for burglar alarms in alarm category 1-3.
The development makes it important to have a set of rules and regulations.

Our experts follow the Swedish Theft Prevention Association’s (Svenska stöldskyddsföreningen) rules under SSF 130 and are certified by SBSC (Swedish Fire and Security Certification).
If you need a risk analysis performed, we can help you. Our long experience of working with burglar alarms for companies, industries, municipalities, county councils and institutions, is something that will benefit you when we are projecting burglar alarms for your facility.
We will help you understand the benefits of having an alarm that is connected to other systems such as cameras, access control etc. As an authorized company, we can issue certification that guarantees quality.

Having a certification can be beneficial when you talk to your insurance company about premium levels. And since we are not committed to any manufacturers, we can give you access to the technology that best suits your needs.

We can help you find answers to all your questions about burglar alarms.