Access control systems

Access control systems with electronic locks are becoming more and more common. They are cost-efficient, secure and they enable tracking in a way that is not possible for traditional keys. You can choose the level of security that you want, and our certified specialists will customize a solution for you.

There are many benefits with an access control system. The system will log all user data so that you can check who accessed a specific door at a specific time. You can also give people different authorization, so that the access card only works in selected doors and on certain times. And it is easy to block lost cards, which is very important. For many companies that have invested in access control systems, the costly replacements of keys and cylinders are now a thing of the past.
But the technical benefits also lead to many questions.

Which level of security do you need in your facility? Protection from unnecessary passage or break secure cylinders? Different types of authorization? Will other systems be integrated? Are you planning to use access cards with photo ID or do you want the standard design?
For a layman, it is difficult to understand words and concepts such as Prox, Mifare, Desfire, tag, access card, shared assembly or anything else that sounds strange.

We can give you access to our trained and certified experts that will help you understand the above-mentioned concepts and others. Since we are not committed to any manufactorers, we can help you find the right product and then customize the solution that is best for your business.