Competence and experience make it possible for Rodoverken to perform welding in many different materials.

Rodoverken practice welding qualifications/procedures according to ISO 15164-1 and all employees have welding examination certificates in accordance with SS-EN 287/ISO 9606 and EN 1418 for most of the different materials in the market. This gives us the opportunity to offer the customer complex welding work, without extensive forward-planning.
Our goal is to always keep up with the development of welding technology, and thereby meet the customer’s demands for implementation times, quality and profitability.

To meet our customers’ demands for welding of different materials and welding methods for the many different applications that these industries have, we have to meet the requirements for a large number of qualifications (WPQR ISO 15614-1), today over 200.
Today, Midroc Rodoverken has qualifications for materials in accordance with the standard ISO15608 in group 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 43, and 45, and also a number of mixes between these materials in different welding methods.

The welding methods we use today are 111, 141, 136, and 121, both manual and mechanical. Welding competences that are certified by a third party in accordance with EN1418, 287 and ISO 9606-1, 9606-4 are included in the above-mentioned methods.