Maintenance stops

A well-executed maintenance downtime is the key to good profitability and together we can make the business more efficient in the long-term.

We can plan and implement maintenance stops based on the highest possible level of safety. We plan the stop together with you and we carefully go through it step by step. The work is then based on the specific facility and its conditions.

The process outline:

  • We go through the extent of the project and which part you want us to plan for
  • The work order is handed over
  • We go through the work order so that we can plan for staffing, tools and purchases
  • We provide material for joint decision making
  • Preparation of the downtime is initiated
  • Staffing resources/possible training/tool containers are ordered
  • Blueprints are prepared, Prefab commenced, OFP and painting are initiated
  • We continuously discuss operational plans with you