Pneumatics are usually explained as compressed air technology. It sounds simple. But we all know that it takes a lot of knowledge to make different air systems work optimally – and we will give you access to experts in pneumatics.

When you hire our technicians, you will get access to extensive and broad experience from installations of air systems in the industries of nuclear power, petrochemicals, refineries, ships and paper. You can be sure that we work with known brands in the industry when it comes to compression fittings – and that we are certified by manufacturers for installation of small diameter pipes fittings.

You are offered security in the form of solid competence and experience, that ranges from our own workshop with construction of sampling equipment for laboratories, to installation of complete small diameter pipes systems at an industrial complex.

If you need help with construction in projects or new constructions, we offer solutions. An optimal placement of an air distribution system at a processing facility will win economies of scale at the installation of the pipes and thereby reduced project costs.

We are happy to work with Hookup-systems, then you as a customer know what is included in a certain type of installation of an object.