Industrial service

We have the necessary competence for both electricians and mechanics – and not the least reprocessed programs for continuous maintenance.

Traverses, gates and pumps are operated by smart mechanical procedures and refined electronics. But the industrial environment wears and tears. Assembly, maintenance, repairs and reconstruction saves both money and the environment.

Periodical inspections and preventive maintenance helps you reduce downtime and costly emergency repairs. Lifting gear is our cutting-edge expertise. We install complete systems for traverses, electric hoists and cranes, gantry girders, with power supply and crane details included. We come to you with our own staff, that often know your facility, to perform both electrical and mechanical maintenance for all sorts of industrial cranes, and we also perform controls and inspections for lifting gear.

Folding doors, rapid roll doors, sectional doors, side hinged doors and garage doors that you want installed or served, will our specialists at industrial service take care of. Regardless of which industrial door you need, we can help you with both service and maintenance.
Pumps need service and maintenance. Since we are not committed to any suppliers, we have knowledge of most of the industrial pumps on the market, for example submersible pumps and circulation pumps.