Turnkey contracting

In many industrial projects, most of the function comes from the automation of the equipment. Thanks to our financial strength and a project ability above the ordinary, we can manage the entire chain. Of people, assembly solutions and mechanics, with plant design, power construction and great collaborations across companies. 

We include mechanical and processing equipment in our commitment to our customers, which will give them increased security and simplicity. Project ability means that we take the whole responsibility. As an uncommitted supplier with well-established partners, we can choose an optimal solution, at the same time as we cater to the customers’ technology choices all the way from power supply to advanced production controlled steering.
Project ability also means the capacity – both for resources and financially – to implement large and complex industrial projects, often with a high content of bought services. Among our references are projects that contains hundreds of thousands of man-hours with order values worth billions.

Most of our co-workers have been working with production efficiency their entire career. To achieve, within set frames for time and cost, and together with colleagues from Midroc, a function that meets the customers’ expectations adds a special nerve to the work.
Our commitments are managed by a proven project model that permeates everything that we do and create a clear and goal-oriented commitment among all the co-workers in the project.