Industrial automation

Industrial automation is always about a combination of hardware and software. We offer a turnkey solution so that you do not have to turn to different suppliers for projecting, power supply, control systems, installation and administrative systems.

When you push a button, you expect something to happen. This is basically what industrial automation is all about. You order a function and we will make it happen. Industrial automation often involves customizing solutions. Your company has needs that are unique, whether it is about laying cable for lighting solutions or the construction of a finished process. When you turn to us, we factory-build electrical cabinets and enclosures especially for your business. If you are looking for a turnkey solution for industrial automation, without several different contacts, we have all the competence you need within our company. You will also get access to solutions and products from the entire market since we are not committed to any suppliers.

We can also offer a financing solution if you are interested.