Electrical power and switchgear

In data centers, industrial plants, power plants. You can find our switchboards in all industries where there is a need for reliable and dependa

By having access to all products and all imaginable resources in-house, we can create and build completely after your needs. We will of course come to your facility to make sure that the switchgear is commissioned, and is delivered with the highest possible personal safety. 

Midroc Automation delivers services and products within all voltage areas, and the customers mostly come from the industrial and energy fields. We work with most of the existing brands of switchgears and we chose the one that best suits our customers strategies. We have been running the agency for switchgears from Natus for a while now. Apart from this, we also have our own manufacturing and assembly in modern workshops together with product sales.

The qualified services that we offer are:

  • Investigations and calculations
  • Plant construction
  • Detailed projecting
  • Commissioning
  • Product sales
  • Plant tests
  • Service and revisions