Environmental remediation

We take on contracting work for soil remediation, both small and large assignments. Regardless of the task is small or if it is a large project, we will become your secure partner.

During the project, we will help you all the way, from preparations and implementation to treatment of soil and land rehabilitation. Within the company, we have many years of experience from both smaller and larger contracts with a well-prepared strategy for project implementation and quality-assurance.

Larger remediation contracts of depots and industries

This comprises contracts that contain large amounts of contaminated soil, for example in remediation of depots or entire industrial plants.
These are contracts that can mean everything from planning the work, demolition of existing buildings and equipment, to excavation and remediation of large soil volumes.

Smaller remediation contracts

For the smaller contracts, we count assignments that contain a limited amount of contaminated soil, for example when single cisterns are removed or when gas stations are liquidated or for diesel tanks. 

Even if it is a smaller assignment, the contract can still be complex. Such factors can be soil conditions, locations and demands to minimize disturbances for houses and buildings located close by.