Elevator installations

Hospital elevators, goods elevators, office elevators, housing elevators, industrial elevators.. Since we are not committed to any suppliers and we use open control systems, we can customize a solution for you.

By not being committed to any suppliers or manufacturers, you can, when the guarantee period is over, buy replacement parts and services on the open market if you would want to. No specific tools are necessary to make changes in the menu’s that we use.
This will give you, and us, an opportunity to find a solution for elevators that will suit your business. When you need installations, service, modernization, repairs or other work that involves elevators, our certified elevator mechanics will help you.

Reduced downtime and fast service is especially important when it comes to elevator work and we will make sure that you will get this. We work with elevators in large industries, small industries, large municipal real estate companies, smaller real estate companies and small housing cooperatives.

We can also help you with escalators and gates. We are on call 24/7!