Power service

Regular service of switches and transformers is important to prevent unexpected and expensive downtime. If a transformer or switch does not work properly, there is a risk that the entire production facility or electrical network will be knocked out. We have solid experience in this field.

Through measurements and functionality tests, the state of your facility is assessed. Troubleshooting, control of permits and revisions for low, middle and high voltage switches up to 170 kV will be performed. We will give you suggestions for possible measures to avoid breakdowns. Emergency errors in transformers and switches could risk knocking out entire facilities or electrical networks. We are not committed to any suppliers, which means that we do not have to depend on the brand of the components or the voltage level of the facilities. You will therefore get suggestions for solutions that are customized for your facility. 

We are experts in operation and maintenance. If you want your facility to be reviewed from a holistic approach, we can help you secure profitability and a cost-efficient operation.