Mechanical workshop

A mechanical workshop, an assembly workshop and a service team that is always ready to come to you. Through us, you will get access to a gathered competence that covers almost everything that involves mechanics – and therefore you can always get fast and relevant help with your mechanical equipment.

Smart mechanical processes and refined electronics are the foundation for many things in industries. But the industrial environment wears and tears. Correctly performed assembly, maintenance, repairs and reconstruction optimizes the utilization of your mechanical equipment and will save both money and the environment.

In our mechanical workshop, we have our own advanced mechanical equipment which we use to help you for machine processing such as lathe turning, milling and grinding. You will get access to modern tools and great experience when it comes to both construction and mechanical maintenance. It is important that you feel secure.

Repairs of machinery, gearboxes, bearing assembly, oil pressure welding, welding and other things you might need help with, are carried out in our assembly workshop, which have the capacity to lift 45 tons, a large horizontal press with a 400-ton capacity, furnace, pressure intensifier, tension members – and not the least great knowledge.
When there are planned, or emergency stops, our trained service team can come to your facility and perform repair and assembly work.
The gathered competence that exists within Midroc will make things easier for you since we are able to offer a turnkey solution based on your requirements and requests.