Installation of solar cells

Solar cell panels have become more and more common since they are now more efficient and inexpensive. Both large industries, municipal new buildings and private customers are investing in this environmentally friendly energy source. You can safely turn to us and we will customize a solution for you.

Which tax laws applies to solar cell panels? This is the most frequently asked question from those who are planning a large solar park. How efficient are solar cell panels? How can they be installed on your building? How is the solar cell panel connected to a network if you want to sell energy?
We can offer you experience, even though this is a relatively new area. You can feel secure in knowing that those who install your system, by laying the wire from the panel to the inverter and then connecting it to the switchboard, know what they are doing.
Broad knowledge in the company and that we are not committed to any suppliers will help you get the solution you need.