Fiber and computer installations

Fiber installations and computer installations are relatively new words. Because of this, experience is important. When you come to us, you will get help from a company that has all the necessary experience. We will customize a solution especially for you.

Connect to the city network/internet? Fixed cables or wireless networks? Which is more secure? It does not matter where you are in the process, we have the knowledge. From blowing fiber cable to connecting fiber to the building – and of course the installation of the computer network. This is regardless of it is about private housing, shops, companies, county councils or municipalities.

Many times, installations of fiber and computers mean that other electrical installations need to be done as well. When you come to us, you will get a large company with broad knowledge that will support you. To you, this means a clear synergy, when fiber and computer and possible electrical installations can be performed at the same time by fitters and technicians with wide competence and training in different cable systems.

Maybe you want to oversee the security at the same time?
We are not committed to any suppliers, which means that you will always get a solution that is perfect for you.