Electrical installations in new buildings

The technological development is moving fast. Something that is becoming more and more evident when it comes to electrical installations in new buildings. Whether you already know what you want or if you need help, we offer solutions that will simplify the process for you.

What is required from our electricity network? Where do we need power outlets? What about alarms? Which solution is best when it comes to telecommunications and computers?
There is often a lot of questions in connection to new buildings. Regardless of what you need, we can make things easier for you, since we on a regular basis work with both main groups when it comes to new buildings:

  • Customers that have their pre-planning and blueprints ready and want a clear tender offer.
  • Customers that in text or in a meeting explain what they want and need help with the construction of blueprints and production documentation.

You will get access to a broad and large organization with the necessary knowledge in electrical installations, telecommunications/computers and safety if you chose to work with us. By not being committed to any suppliers or brands, we can adjust to your needs and you will get an offer for a solution that is customized for you – and which will be delivered all the way from the start based on a time plan that you have decided together with us.
Our breadth also create room for flexibility, which benefits you as a customer. If you want to make changes in the plan along the way, we have the strength to find a solution. And what about the costs?

You know, as well as we do, that real prices are what matters. The fact that we control the entire chain from design engineers and calculations to the final installation on-site reduces the risk for surprises and unnecessary extra work. It creates a security for us – but most importantly for you.
We offer a financing solution if you are interested.