System service

All systems require regular service to optimize the operations. Errors in heating systems and ventilation are costly – and cause a bad working environment. Something as simple as a new wall or rearrangement of furniture in the office can affect the systems.

Service can increase the profitability and create a better indoor climate by optimizing the operational systems and by the fact that someone takes responsibility for the facility. Reconstructions in the premises may require adjustments in the systems for ventilation and heating control. A new wall might prevent airflow, or a room that was previously used may not be in use as often anymore? The necessary adjustments are rarely difficult. What is important is to find them.

The service can be performed in many ways. The two most common ways are:

  • We monitor your facility through an internet connection. We will optimize the operations to get optimal results and we check the daily operations. We base this on your requests from the installation.
  • You manage the surveillance and the daily operations on your own, but you can contact us if there is a problem.

Regardless of which service solution you choose, our trained and certified staff will help you. The development within property automation is rapid. Since we are not committed to any manufacturers, we always look out for new technology that can be of use to you.