System for control services

Having the wrong settings for heating and ventilation are expensive – and causes a bad working environment. You can increase profitability and get a better indoor climate by using efficient control systems. Our experts will customize a user-friendly solution just for you.

All properties have different needs. Maybe the ventilation and temperatures should be turned down at night and turned up again in the morning? What happens to your ventilation if the fire alarm goes off?

The possibilities within property automation are endless and the development is moving fast.
We can give you access to educated and certified experts that will build control services that suit your needs. Our staff will, in cooperation with you, manage the entire chain from calculations and projecting to programming and construction. Since we are not committed to any manufacturers, you get access to the technology that suits your business. Also, you are not tied to a specific manufacturer, software provider or contractor.

The control systems are optimized to reduce the energy consumption.
From experience, we all know that it is important that the facility is easy to operate. It should not be built by engineers, for engineers. Being user-friendly is a key to profitability. The facility we create is made so that you can easily access everything through an internet connection, so that you can adjust values and temperatures which will make your solution very flexible.
And, of course, the efficient energy use is good for the environment.