Energy optimization

Energy optimization is about making sure that installed systems are as functional as possible. We will suggest several improvements that can reduce the operational costs of your property. Our certified experts will perform a complete review of your property.

Do your energy costs seem unnecessary high? Maybe because both heating and cooling systems are running at the same time? Or because air is heated or cooled in premises that no one uses? Should you change the windows, insulate the roof or a wall?

When you come to us for an inventory of your property, we will first check your energy costs to see if they are reasonable for your business operations and your premises. Then, we will perform a thorough review of your property. All systems are checked to see if there are energy thieves and if it is possible to optimize the energy consumption.

Our certified experts can help you adjust and optimize your existing systems to reach the best possible function and reduce operational costs. We are certified to perform an OVK, which is an obligatory ventilation control, or air adjustments if you wish. If needed, you will be offered new systems that will suit your needs, where sensors and control mechanisms are connected so that you can monitor your property online, get statistics to overview and make comparisons monthly (or follow trends when troubleshooting) and receive alarms if something is not working properly. Since we are not committed to any manufacturers, we can manage several different systems.

An energy optimization can be performed for a specific system or for an entire property or business. The goal is always to lower your energy costs – and at the same time improve the environment.

This is how it works:

  • The energy expenses are checked.
  • We will make an inventory of the property together with you.
  • Existing systems are optimized.
  • Suggestions for other measures are presented.
  • A financing solution is offered if you are interested.
  • New systems are installed, started and monitored.