Waterproofing of bridge decks

Alucrom AB has since 2006 several certified co-workers that can apply waterproofing membranes to bridge decks.
The material we use have the following advantages:
Very high chemical resistance
UV resistant
Low temperature settings (-30°C)
Temperature resistant up to 80°C
Jointless and flexible
Waterproofing is mainly used on surfaces that are exposed to extremely heavy mechanical stress, such as: road bridges, ramps, parking decks, loading ramps and other surfaces that require a high impact resistance.

Spray metallizing/Thermal spraying

We can perform spray metallizing/thermal spraying as corrosion protection/wear protection with our mobile plant.
The advantage for you as a customer is that we have the option to carry out the work both in one of our permanent plants in Sweden, Finland or Poland, where we have our own blaster halls to make sure that we follow the high purity requirements and surface profile, or on-site at the customer’s facility with our mobile blaster units. Metallization is mainly used as an alternative to hot-dip galvanization where the construction is too large to dip or if it has already been mounted and needs maintenance.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is another common application area.
CUI is an increasing problem area for the industry today. The method provides the best corrosion protection in combination with high operating temperatures during insulation of pipelines, tanks and vessels. Today, our customers include refineries, chemical industries and customers that are active in the offshore industry.
We have educated and certified staff that can use both arc and flame spraying techniques.

Our staff have also performed spray metallization according to NORSOK M-501 and meet the requirements for this standard ("Qualification of metal spray operators").