Water blasting

Alucrom performs water blasting as a complement to traditional sand blasting.

Water blasting (only water is used under high pressure without involvement of solid blasting agents) is mostly requested when there is a risk of fire or explosion or where dust from traditional blasting can cause problems. Normally, the following international terms are used:

<68 bar = Low pressure cleaning
68-680 bar = High pressure cleaning
680-1700 bar = Water blasting
>1700 bar = Ultra high pressure water blasting

When water blasting is used, the surface needs to have been previously treated with traditional methods, since water alone cannot give the steel a surface profile. The benefits are mainly that there are no grinding sparks in the blasting process and the surface becomes clear of grease and chlorides/salt, something that applies especially to highly corroded steel.

This method provides long durability. Water blasting is also an environmentally friendly method since the amount of waste after pretreatment can be reduced drastically.
Alucrom helps their customers find the right level of pretreatment and suitable painting methods for water blasted surfaces.