Heat treatment and stress relief annealing

Heat treatment/stress relief annealing are sometimes a necessary first step in the surface treatment chain. Materials that are exposed to welding can sometimes be subjected to stress, which can complicate further treatment. Using heat treatment can then improve and facilitate further treatment processes. Alucrom performs stress relief annealing on a regular basis on welded constructions at the company’s facility in Hässleholm.

Stress relief annealing is performed according to ISO 17663:2009.
The plant is a "class 3" facility. This means that the facility meets the requirements for the set temperature differences between different measuring points in accordance with the above-mentioned ISO-standard.

The facility for heat treatment is one of the largest in southern Sweden, and has the following capacity:

  • Detail weights up to 40 tons.
  • Temperatures up to 1050ºC
  • With an automatic temperature accuracy of ± 10ºC
  • The internal measurements of the furnace:
  • depth 6400 mm
  • width 5600 mm
  • height 2800 mm.