Consultation: surface treatment for your business

We have access to certified work management that follows NACE and FROSIO which guarantees a good result in every step of the surface treatment process.

Thanks to our size, we can offer our customers unique solutions for large industrial projects both in Sweden and in other countries.

Surface treatment specifications

Alucrom draws up complete surface treatment specifications for their customers and their specific businesses. The specifications can include both new painting and maintenance painting. Our reference customers include Preem, Nynäs, St1, STATOIL, Alfa Laval, Perstorp Oxo, Linde CRYO and others.

International projects

For international projects, Alucrom mainly works on a consultancy basis for a customer, where we can offer cutting-edge expertise in corrosion protection. The advantage of Alucrom is that we have knowledge of the entire surface treatment process and not only the inspection of finished work, since it is usually too late to fix errors and defects at that point, often with excessive costs and delays as a result.

After Sales

Alucrom AB performs additional services and has extensive experience, knowledge and cutting-edge expertise within the areas: 

Inspection of corrosion and existing corrosion protection in accordance with international standards and criteria.
Care instructions and maintenance of installed long-life corrosion protection based on a LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analysis.
Action proposals and cost estimates.

Repair instructions

Complete surface treatment specifications for individual projects or complete facilities, both for new painting and maintenance painting.
Optimized corrosion protection using cathodic protection in combination with painting.

Full documentation

Contact our marketing department for more information about our additional services and references within the fields of engineering, supervision & after sales.