To increase the productivity and personal safety in the mining industry, we can offer technical solutions that automatize the entire process, or parts of it. This also benefits the environment. Do you want to take the mining industry to the next level with us?

The principal driving forces for automation in the mining industry are productivity and personal safety. Midroc Remote Mining gives the customer the opportunity to completely automatize the mining operations by using integrated, coordinated and remote-controlled systems and functions. By using central control rooms above ground, less people are needed to operate the mine with optimal production and safety.

We are proud that we, in several projects in the world’s most high-tech mines, have delivered systems that have resulted in reduced risks, increased productivity and functionality and a lower environmental impact for our customers business operations.

We can help you with:

Midroc Remote Mining

In the mining industry, the demands for personal safety and productivity are enormous. Our demands are just as high. Therefore, we have developed Midroc Remote Mining, which makes it possible for you to manage all mining operations from a control room above ground.

Underground storage remediation

From the first contact with the authorities to the delivery of a finished and remediated cavern that is ready for new ideas, is just as simple as it sounds – together with us.

Electrical installations

Together with the leading electricians in the country, you will get solid advice and a solution that is perfect for you. Since we are the number one in Sweden when it comes to electricity, we can carry out all sorts of electrical installations, regardless of the industry, and in a very cost-efficient way.


To be able to guarantee availability together with the highest possible level of safety and with the right timing, takes more than just the right resources. Coordination, knowledge, planning and a bit of local knowledge are also important factors.

Asset Management

Our view of Asset Management is that business development and maintenance will increase accessibility and ultimately improve profitability. We know your reality. Therefore, we can offer solutions that will work all the way into the income statement.

HSE-Q solutions

Our experienced consultants can facilitate your work towards being a more sustainable business. Based on our customers' needs, we focus on working Safe, Green and Lean, which summarizes our core within HSE-Q.