Energy and Process

A more sustainable development in the processing industry is now possible and changes are necessary in order to meet the demands from the industry for more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient facilities. We have long-term perspectives and we always integrate energy and resource optimization into our projects.

There are very high demands for quality, the environment, and safety when it comes to the process plants surroundings. Business partners in the process industry have to know and understand the industry’s standards, requirements and systems, and they have to be able to meet the demands from the government. This is not a necessity, it is a demand.

Midroc is often a part of the entire process during the implementation of an extensive project, something that gives us good opportunities to realize the customer’s goals for energy consumption.

We can help you with:

Electrical installations

Together with the leading electricians in the country, you will get solid advice and a solution that is perfect for you. Since we are the number one in Sweden when it comes to electricity, we can carry out all sorts of electrical installations, regardless of the industry, and in a very cost-efficient way.

Maintenance stops

We have the experience of having successfully planned and executed some of the country’s largest industrial stops with the highest level of safety. At our company, you can probably find the most skilled engineers and professional workers in Sweden – and they also understand how your facility works.

Asset Management

Our view of Asset Management is that business development and maintenance will increase accessibility and ultimately improve profitability. We know your reality. Therefore, we can offer solutions that will work all the way into the income statement.

Project management

We have long experience and knowledge of project management in industry and energy.

HSE-Q solutions

Our experienced consultants can facilitate your work towards being a more sustainable business. Based on our customers' needs, we focus on working Safe, Green and Lean, which summarizes our core within HSE-Q.


Whether it is about fire alarms, burglar alarms, access control, camera surveillance or distributed control systems, our entire security work is about always being one step ahead.

Tank constructions

With a solution that is unique for this industry, we can assemble whole tanks. It will give you an outstanding height and volume.

Pipe constructions

The world’s toughest environments have taught us a few things about planning and pipe assembly. The value of traceability, for example.


To be able to guarantee availability together with the highest possible level of safety and with the right timing, takes more than just the right resources. Coordination, knowledge, planning and a bit of local knowledge are also important factors.