By doing inventory and mapping earlier in the process, it is possible to save both resources and the environment. Also, we can plan so that your industrial plant becomes as efficient as possible. By routine maintenance and repairs on-site, it is possible to keep the operations running at the same time as we perform necessary repairs.

Operation areas

Energy and Process

A more sustainable development in the processing industry is now possible and changes are necessary in order to meet the demands from the industry for more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient facilities. We have long-term perspectives and we always integrate energy and resource optimization into our projects.


Midroc delivers services and products within all voltage ranges and the customers can be found within the industry and energy fields.

Oil and gas

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, it is important to continue to develop long-term sustainable solutions, and at the same time making sure that the safety and operations of the facility continues to work. By planning in the early stages, we can avoid downtime that is a waste of both energy and resources.


We can offer solutions that will build, streamline and automatize parts of, or the entire manufacturing process, so that your business becomes even more efficient. Together, we can develop the best solution.


Few businesses are as versatile and demanding as the pharmaceutical industry. The demand for traceability, quality and productivity is increasing at an accelerating pace.


To increase the productivity and personal safety in the mining industry, we can offer technical solutions that automatize the entire process, or parts of it. This also benefits the environment. Do you want to take the mining industry to the next level with us?

Iron and steel

To uphold the competitiveness and increase the profitability for the iron and steel industry, it takes new solutions and ideas. We can develop control systems for production control and optimization, which will both improve your efficiency and increase profitability.

Engineering Industry

By joining the process early and participating in the project planning, we can contribute to a quicker start-up, carry out routine maintenance and develop control systems that can contribute to increased efficiency and personal safety.


In this area, there is continuous modernization, and now the demands to use renewable resources for our vehicles are higher than ever before. By staying ahead and focusing long-term, we can develop innovative solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow.