Hotel and restaurant buildings

Whether it concerns sustainable places for overnight stays or restaurants, the demands for smart solutions in beautiful surroundings are high. Together with you, we can help you create environments with the focus to exceed all your visitors’ expectations. We create solutions that saves energy and increases cost-efficiency. We can help develop hotel and restaurant buildings so that your guests can feel safe and right at home.

Our main ambition is to deliver competence for sustainable building. Sustainable building to us means that it is Socially sustainable, Financially sustainable and Ecologically sustainable.

Socially sustainable

Together with our customers, we develop and plan the projects with focus on security, solidarity and well-being. Those who will live or work in our projects should feel that these questions have been a priority to us.

Financially sustainable

Together with our customers, we develop and plan projects to reach profitability for all parties and create prerequisites for low operational and maintenance costs.

Ecologically sustainable

We have a great commitment for environmental and energy issues and we strive to create the right prerequisites for a sound environment in our customers’ projects. We can during the building process give advice about methods and products that will have the least possible impact on the environment.