Turnkey Contracting

If you want shorter construction times, lower project and capital costs, and a committed business partner that take all the responsibility for the building process? Then we are the right business partner for you.

Already in the early stages of the project, Midroc Construction takes on all the responsibility for projecting and production in the role as a turnkey contractor.

Profitable with open procurement

All procurements of contracts are exposed to competition and take place as the project develops. This means lower project costs for you since the production can start earlier and the projects duration is shortened. An open procurement also makes it possible to affect the project during the building process. When you as a customer is working with us, you get full transparency into all parts of the project and you can follow costs, time, standards and quality anytime you want.

Many small steps in the purchasing process

Our aim is to give each project the best possible conditions when it comes to method and material choices. For you, it means a quality-assurance of the entire purchase process. You can feel assured that our work methods result in assessments of critical moments, resources and risks.