Seaside housing west of Ystad

Midroc is planning for approx. 200 smaller houses and terraced houses in Svarte. The houses will be grouped in three “villages” in the middle of the rolling landscape.

From Skönadalsvägen in the north to road 9, Västra Kustvägen, in the south with a view over the sea, around 200 small houses and town houses can be developed. The development plan contains three “villages” that are separated by meadow-like parkland with outlooks towards the agricultural landscape in the area. These villages will be built in stages, beginning in the south.

In the west, the Charlottenlund creek’s massive forest is dominating and in the east, the area will be protected through a wall, which will be a part of the area’s parkland, towards the Ystad Line. From the area, it is walking distance to the station in Svarte, where trains to Ystad (6 minutes) and Malmö (42 minutes) departs. By car from Svarte, it is about 8 km to Ystad and 55 km to Malmö.

Via the walk and cycle path, you can safely reach the adjacent school in Svarte, with approx. 150 students in the grades of preschool, primary school year 1-6, and after-school centers. Svarte also has a child health care center and a district nurse.

North of Skönadalsvägen is a larger sports field with soccer fields and tennis courts. Several golf courses can be found within a radius of 20 km.

Midroc has on private land produced a development plan for private housing construction. To accomplish a good expansion rate, other stakeholders will be offered to buy properties for housing in the area.


35-40 000 sqm


Västra Svarte, Ystad


Approved plan

Start of construction

Estimated to second half of 2018