Solid wood buildings in Uppsala

In the new city development area, Östra Sala backe in Uppsala, Midroc is developing 103 new accommodations in climate smart and sound wood buildings.

With a central location in the area, on both sides of the market square next to Murargatan, and in direct proximity to Årsta torg, these buildings will be important predecessors for the entire development of Östra Sala Backe.

The buildings have open structures, with transparent environments, light and overview. The architecture is simple and elegant with generous drops and large glazed openings. Double ceiling height on the ground floor creates attractive premises which will contribute to the urban character of the project. One part consists of townhouses with a mix of duplex apartments, one part is student apartments and one part, consisting of ten floors, is intended for housing development. The great mix of tenure forms attracts a variety of people with different needs and financial possibilities.


6 800 sq



Construction start



Johan de Besche
010-470 71 02