Kävlinge town center will in the next fifteen years undergo a large transformation. Midroc is planning a whole new town district close to the railway station. The industrial land will be populated with housing, stores, service facilities and offices.

In Hasslanda in Lund, Midroc is planning a new area for both commercial and industrial purposes. The development plan for the area also includes generous construction rights for offices etc.

Hasslanda is located on the east side of Lund. With its immediate location next to the E22 and the new interchange in Råby, the area is well exposed and very accessible for both visitors and transports. In direct vicinity to the area is a bus stop for several regional bus lines.

North of the area, along the South-east road to Dalby, is the largest existing business area in Lund – Gastelyckan, with a great and diversified supply of business activities.

On private land and in cooperation with adjacent property owners, Midroc is developing a land development plan that is flexible, and which will facilitate a versatile use for both commercial and industrial purposes. There will also be generous construction rights for offices etc.
The development plan will be adjusted for possible tramway traffic to Staffanstorp, which is a part of the master plan for Lund. In this case, the area will be delimited to the next station location.

We intend to develop the area mainly under our own management and we are looking for stakeholders who want to rent or buy a facility in the Hasslanda business area. There will also be possible to acquire land for private construction.