A whole new district in Kävlinge

Kävlinge town center will in the next fifteen years undergo a large transformation. Midroc is planning a whole new town district close to the railway station. The industrial land will be populated with housing, stores, service facilities and offices.

Kävlinge is strategically located in the expansive Öresund Region, close to and with trains to both Lund/Malmö and Copenhagen, as well as Landskrona and Helsingborg. Many people commute to and from Kävlinge, so both the railway traffic and the road network are important conditions for the development of the district.

The district will get an urban feel with blocks, streets and alleys, and public rooms in the form of several market squares and a park. The goal is to create an attractive and inviting district with unique qualities and its own identity. With new meeting places and activities for all residents in Kävlinge, the quality of life will be increased, just as Kävlinge’s power of attraction.