New construction projects

We are present where people want to be, and we offer comfortable everyday life with projects that stand out. We call it every day magic.

New variety of housing in Oceanhamnen

At the end of the Oceanpiren, Midroc is developing a new residential area in the new town district Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg. Here, you will get opportunities for diversity and exiting meetings.

Hyllie Corner

Hyllie Corner is the perfect home for you who is always on the go and who loves to discover new places. Copenhagen International Airport in Kastrup is only 13 minutes away by train. Here, both distant travels and spontaneous trips to the cities of Europe are at your fingertips.

Your dream home next to the sea and the beach

At the best beach location in Borstahusen, Midroc develops new premium housing in the form of semi-detached houses, terraced houses and apartments. Enjoy the picturesque fishing hamlet and the white sand beaches right outside your door, at the same time as you have the city pulse less than 20 minutes away. We offer the possibilities.

Housing with the most beautiful view in Växjö

Brf Furutåviken is under development as the final stage of Vallen in southern Växjö, between the lakes Södra Bergundasjön and Växsjösjön. With water on both sides and Bokhultet nature reserve right outside your door, it is easy to enjoy nature every day of the year.

Better balance in life

With Malmö’s largest park area right outside your doorstep and the town center only ten minutes away – the location for Bulltofta Friluftsstad has really been carefully selected. The new town district is perfect for you who want to get more out of life, who want to have more time to do the things you like and who want to find balance in life.

A place to enjoy without obligations

At a prime location, right next to Stortorget and Stadsparken in central Trelleborg, Midroc develops comfortable apartments of 2-4 bedrooms. The perfect home for those who want to enjoy life without obligations. We offer the possibilities.

Combine city life with a walk in the park

Midroc develops a new residential property with 23 apartments close to Solna center and with greenery right at your doorstep. With proximity to both service and communications, we offer unique homes that will make every day easier. We offer the possibilities.

Seaside housing west of Ystad

Midroc is planning for approx. 200 smaller houses and terraced houses in Svarte. The houses will be grouped in three “villages” in the middle of the rolling landscape.

Apartments with a wood feeling and sea views.

Midroc develops additional housing by the lake Trummen in the Teleborg area in Växjö.