Our culture

We think that culture is something that we need to build on and create together every day. It is not by ourselves, but together, that we can develop, change and improve.

To us, culture is everything that we do in our everyday life and in our workday. We believe that the best way to reach success is through cooperation and engagement. Therefore, we focus on development and provide opportunities for our co-workers to influence their own work-situation, something that we believe creates true engagement. Just as with everything else, our culture is something that we create together. All our co-workers are co-creators of the Midroc culture.  

At Midroc, we have since 2008 been working in a systematic way with our culture, and we believe that it is just as important as all other business planning, if not more. An important tool in our culture work is our own business school, Midroc Business School. With the business school as an aid, all co-workers get a shared foundation to stand on and we get access to tangible tools for reflection and dialogue. In this way, we learn more about ourselves and how teams work. But why do we invest so much in our culture? Because we are convinced that our own culture forms the foundation of our relationships, it gives us a climate where we dare to be curious and to listen, both within Midroc but also in relation to our customers. If we are going to make a positive difference, we have to start with ourselves.