We conduct responsible businesses

Our vision is a better future, in which we contribute to create a community where people can live, grow and prosper.

Our vision is in many ways a sustainability vision. We all have to help each other to contribute to a sustainable development of the future. Sustainability needs to be an integrated part of the daily activities. Our integrated approach is necessary if we want to reach our ambitious target image: we shall contribute to a better future. We take our responsibility by conducting responsible businesses and split our responsibility into financial, ecological and social responsibilities.

Financial, ecological and social responsibility

The financial responsibility involves guaranteeing that we conduct a profitable business. It is the foundation for our business, and the profitability follows our possibilities to contribute to a positive development of the future.

The ecological responsibility means that we prevent a negative environmental impact by acting in a long-term sustainable way and deliver our services as environmentally friendly as possible.

The social responsibility basically means that we want to give all people equal opportunities. It means that we have the same high demands for our customers, our business partners and our suppliers that we have for ourselves.

Global Compact

We are commited to the UN-initiative Global Compact. The initiative means that companies take a global responsibility for their businesses, and it involves 10 principles concerning human rights, labor, anti-corruption and environmental responsibility. The overall purpose is that all companies together, when following these principles, will contribute to a better world. Global Compact's 10 principles have been largely integrated into Midroc Europe’s own Management Platform and is a natural part of our sustainability policy.

Read more about Global Compact: www.unglobalcompact.org