A history of togetherness and innovation

It is a great responsibility when everything that we do not only affect us, but our future generations as well. Midroc’s vision is a better future where we can contribute to creating a community where people can live, grow and prosper. Right from the start, when Midroc was founded in 1996, we have been striving to make a positive difference in all the places where we operate, and it is something that affect our entire business. But how did it all start?

The great underground storage project

The first project that was implemented by the group is what we call the great underground storage project. The mission was to build an enormous underground storage facility for refined oil products. The businessman Mohammed Al-Amoudi got the project order together with the Swedish Industry and several other Swedish companies. In order to carry out the massive underground storage project, a number of companies were acquired both in Sweden and other countries. Among them was the project company ABV Rock Group, which unified the entire project. To gather all these newly acquired companies under the same brand, Midroc was established by Lennart Wikström in 1996.

A history of doing things together

During the 1990’s, a seed was planted that has now grown into the company that Midroc is today, with 3 600 co-workers that all strive to make a positive difference every day. With our history of cooperation and innovation, we take on small and large projects within multiple industries. It makes us a unique business partner, with our wide range of competences. The thing that unites us is what we want to achieve; a better future.
Our owner has provided us with a highly set target image and high ambitions when it comes to innovative ideas. Therefore, we invest in and develop businesses and projects. We see it as a part of something greater, in which we get to contribute to a positive development of the community and industry.

"Make a positive difference in each society and environment where you operate”

From Dessie in Ethiopia and from Ludvika in Sweden, through one of the world's largest industrial projects.
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