Midroc Properties

Residential properties, office buildings, hotels and community properties. Midroc develops, builds and manages properties that enables development.

As a part of Midroc we contribute to a better future by developing sustainable housing, premises and urban environments. Through our property development, we want to create opportunities for development.

Our offer comprises:

Housing construction

Midroc Properties builds attractive residential properties in coveted areas for people who considers their housing to be a part of their lifestyle. 
Within architecture and design, we are often groundbreaking which gives prestige to both entrepreneurs and residents. The residential properties are also characterized by a good function with carefully planned details that will make everyday life easier. The conditions for good locations and good investments includes proximity to service such as communications, schools, preschools and shopping. We also put great emphasis on the social sustainability, what is often called the life between buildings.

Property companies

In today’s working life, the workplace is in itself an expression of the company’s profile and a part of the brand. Location, exterior and interior are important factors to attract the right customers and the right co-workers. Midroc Properties develops its customers businesses through inspiring properties and environments where good trends are picked up and contribute to the company’s visibility in attractive contexts. Under the brand World Trade Center, Midroc Properties runs successful office buildings in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg.

Land development

Within land development, Midroc Properties offers favorable opportunities for good investments. As a large and experienced actor, we are a secure business partner and we use reliable processes, firmly established with safe methods. By being sensitive to the market’s needs and expectations, we create attractive visions and goals for the projects. The result of this is areas with great potential that are attractive to people.