Midroc Project Management

Midroc Project Management develops and implements consulting assignments within the fields of energy, industry, community buildings and infrastructure. We can help you with everything from your initial thought to the point where all drawings are made, the operation is in full mode and it is time to process and optimize the business.

Number of employees

100 st

Located at

Stockholm, Göteborg, Lysekil and Malmö

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Midroc Project Management implements consulting assignments within the fields of energy, industry, construction and infrastructure. We are used to manage complex projects within the construction, energy and industry fields, and we often find new and innovative solutions.
Midroc Project Management are specialized in solutions within project management, maintenance development, Engineering, maintenance shutdowns, HSE-Q (health, safety, environment and quality) and concepts for underground storage facilities.

Fringe benefits

These are your employee benefits!

  • Regular physical examinations and support for employees through our company health care service
  • Good solutions for pensions and counseling
  • Preventive health care benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Parent’s insurance
  • Regular conferences in attractive environments
  • Midroc Business School
  • A structured and well-established process for performance appraisals and salaries