Environment and quality

We have been working for a very long time to improve our business when it comes to quality, health and the environment. 

Environmental policy

Focusing on the environment is something that will benefit our customers. The work is aimed at doing things that are good for the environment and our customers through energy and resource saving measures in all our commitments. In addition, Midroc Electro controls, by using routines and follow-ups, transports, waste management, products used in our projects and chemicals.

Quality policy

We shall exceed our customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations so that we continue to be a reliable partner in the future.
Workplace health and safety policy
The workplace health and safety work should lead to a safe working environment that is favorable to the co-workers’ health, and creates well-being and safe and good working conditions. The workplace health and safety work should be integrated into the daily activities and each decision has to take consideration to the environment. We will continuously develop and improve our working environment, and we will make sure that all business activities follow existing rules and regulations.

Business policy

Our quality, environmental and workplace health and safety work applies to all the company and all its business activities and employees. The work should be preventive and lead to continuous improvements.
Our environmental and quality work has resulted in several certifications.