Midroc Electro

Midroc Electro is the third largest electrical engineering company in Sweden – and it is one of the fastest growing. An actor with the confidence of a larger company, but with local roots in 55 locations in Sweden.




2 Mkr

Number of employees


Located at

Just over 50 places in Sweden

As a customer, you get access to all the width and knowledge of our 1,850 co-workers. Consulting, contract and service businesses within areas such as electrical installations, instrumentation, security, elevators, building automation and mechanical maintenance make life easier – for you as a customer.

All you have to do is contact us and we will guide you towards the right solution.
In fact, our three key words explains it all: Open. Close. Simple.
We are there for you through the entire process and we offer both ideas and implementation and of course service and maintenance afterwards. Or in short: exactly what you need. The word “customized” perfectly describes what you get when you choose us. Since we are not committed to any manufacturer, we can for each project choose the equipment that is most suitable for your business, with consideration to both economy and reliability.

We have many years of experience of carrying out turnkey projects in businesses such as the automotive, food and pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, forest, petrochemical, construction and real estate, energy, mining and also within the public sector.

Fringe benefits

These are your employee benefits!

  • Regular physical examinations and support for employees through our company health care service
  • Good solutions for pensions and counseling
  • Preventive health care benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Parent’s insurance
  • Regular conferences in attractive environments
  • Midroc Business School
  • A structured and well-established process for performance appraisals and salaries