Midroc Automation

It does not matter if our customers refine raw oil, dig for gold, roast coffee, produce energy or build cars. Anywhere that industrial production needs tuning, streamlining and development, Midroc Automation has a natural and important role to play.

There are few suppliers in the world that are trusted enough to handle extensive automation solutions in large complex industries. We are one of them. Thanks to our financial strength and a project ability out of the ordinary, we can manage the entire chain. Of people, assembly solutions and mechanics, with plant design, power construction and good cooperation between companies.

Our project ability

Project ability describes how we create competitiveness together with our customers. Project ability means that we take full responsibility. In many industrial projects, most of the function comes from the automation of the equipment. By including mechanics and processing equipment in our commitment, we can offer our customers better assurance and simplicity.

Our benefits

To have co-workers that are happy and thriving at work is important to us at Midroc Automation. We offer all our employees a number of benefits.   

  • Company cars for everyone
  • Health care insurance for everyone
  • Physical examinations and support for employees through our company health care service
  • Preventive health care benefits of SEK 4000/year or local gym memberships
  • Good solutions for pensions and counseling
  • Eyesight corrective measures
  • Regular conferences in attractive environments
  • Midroc Business School
  • A structured and well-established process for performance appraisals and salaries
  • Fuel discount at Preem
  • Sponsored local cultural and sports events
  • Cabins/houses in Sälen and in Spain