Certified painters

Certification courses for anticorrosive painters

Alucrom only hires technologically competent operators, which means that we can meet the requirements of the Authorization Board for Anticorrosion Painting, i.e. that at least 50% of the staff at every work site are certified painters. As industry leaders, our goal is that 100% of our operators are educated “Certified painters”.

What does it mean to be a certified painter?

That our operators are both educated and certified painters is a guarantee that he or she has:

  • Theoretical and practical education of at least 55 hours
  • Basic knowledge within pre-treatment, blasting and anticorrosive painting
  • Knowledge of how to perform qualified operations within pre-treatment, blasting and anticorrosive painting
  • The education consists of a theoretical and a practical part and is completed with a written exam.

Education for painters and inspectors

We have several educated “Certified painters” in our contracting organization, and a number of educated FROSIO-inspectors (Inspector Level 3) according to NS 476.
Examples of educational programs that our employees have completed:

  • Chemical occupational hazards, including thermosetting plastic (AFS 2014:43)
  • Operating high pressure jets (AFS 1994:54)
  • Certified painter education
  • Chartek Fireproofing Applicator Training School
  • Bas-P/Bas-U (Construction Safety Coordinator according to requirements from the Swedish Work Environment Authority)
  • Irata International Rope Access
  • Road work
  • Road vehicles
  • Mobile working platforms A1-B3
  • Hot Works
  • SSG Entre (Safety training course for industry contractors)
  • SSG Entre Chemistry
  • ID06