Midroc Alucrom

Midroc Alucrom AB (established in 1953) is Sweden’s leading contractor when it comes to surface treatment and corrosion protection, and the company has operations in several locations in Sweden, Finland and Poland. The core business is blasting and advanced surface treatment at our permanent painting stations or on-site at a customer’s facility.



Number of employees



SEK 214 million

Located at

22 places in Sweden, Finland and Poland

What makes us unique?

Together with our subsidiaries, we had a turnover of SEK 308 million in 2016. Our strong economy in combination with a solid ownership structure, makes it not only possible for us to run and finance our daily operations, but also develop them with new production equipment and innovative solutions. All so that we can reach the best productivity and in turn reduce the costs for you as a customer.
Thanks to our size, we can implement rational purchases of materials and equipment straight from the manufacturers both in Sweden and abroad without costly middlemen. This, in combination with our experience, competence and in many cases unique production methods, makes is possible for us to offer our customers cost-efficient solutions for surface treatments.
To us, the art of surface treatment is both an old craftmanship and a modern science that is constantly evolving. Because of this, Alucrom has made large investments in technology and developments during the past years, among other in equipment, new facilities and within IT. Our goal is to be in a leading position in our industry in the future as well.
We are a serious and long-term partner with great technological knowledge and a large capacity in several locations in Sweden, Finland and Poland.


Alucrom AB was established in 1953 in Linköping and has been a part of Midroc Europe since 1996. The company started out as a surface treatment contractor for the marine industry at all newly constructed shipyards in Sweden. Since the ‘70s, the focus has been on today’s market segment which includes the manufacturing steel industry, oil & gas, petrochemical, paper and pulp, bridges and other infrastructure and heavy vehicles.

Work benefits

These are your employee benefits!

  1. Health and medical treatment counseling
  2. Flexible working hours (white collar workers)
  3. Voluntary group insurance
  4. Advance vacation
  5. Reduction of working hours
  6. Preventive healthcare benefits
  7. Sponsored sport events
  8. Extra compensation for parental leave of absence – through collective agreements
  9. Training courses and educational programs
  10. Financial support for leisure studies
  11. Counseling from lawyer/behavioral scientist/economist
  12. Discounts at our suppliers