Midroc Europe show in its Annual Review for 2016 a total turnover of SEK 5.6 billion and a result before tax of SEK 290 million.

The turnover and result development are driven by a strong and solid Swedish economic cycle, as well as Midroc’s strong position on the market and attractive offers. During the year, the Group’s businesses were structured up into three different business areas: Investment, Properties and Contracting. All the business areas have had a strong development in 2016. 

For the business area Properties, which gathers Midrocbusinesses within the property sector, 2016 was a transaction-intense year. The companies have been favored by a strong increase in value when it comes to properties and a strong demand for both commercial properties and housing accommodations. The companies have been very successful in the strategy to strengthen their position in the Greater Stockholm area.  

The companies within the business area Contracting offers contracting services to the infrastructure, industrial and construction sectors. The business area has, despite increasing competition and squeezed margins, had a favorable year with great demands. The turnover increased in total by 7.5% compared to 2015, and the Midroc Electro Group improved its result by 20% in comparison to last year’s record numbers.  

The business area Investments, which invests in new technology mainly in cleantech and life science, has had a solid portfolio development and executed a very successful listing on the stock exchange market of the technology company Crunchfish AB. 

− All in all, 2016 was a very good year for the Midroc Group, but several of our companies have even more potential. The beginning of 2017 has been very positive, and we look with confidence at the development for all business areas. Our industrial customers are facing several large projects and investments, and in Properties, we expect an increase in turnover when several important development projects reach the construction and commercialization phase, says Christer Wikström, Midroc’s executive committee