Midroc Europe is a comprehensive partner in the areas of property, construction, industry and environment. The ability to tailor solutions according to customer operations distinguishes us from our competitors. Within all of our business areas we work closely together with our customers and cherish long-term relationships.

Together, we deliver customized solutions

Thanks to our unique combination of companies Midroc can act as a comprehensive partner in the industrial sector, construction industry and the environmental technology area. By combining a variety of sectors and disciplines, we form close-knit team of qualified contractors, specialists and project managers - entirely based on customer needs and wants.

  • Industry

    Midroc is a comprehensive development partner for the industrial sector. Thru our unique setup of companies we can meet very specific needs and offer customized solutions for each project.

  • Construction

    Within the construction sector Midroc develop housing, industrial plants, office buildings and other properties. We work as a contractor or as consultants.

  • Community

    Within the community sector Midroc develops commercial and residential housing properties and infrastructure. The property holdings are concentrated in the Malmö and Stockholm areas.

  • Environmental technology

    At Midroc we strive towards contributing to a better future. This is why we focus on developing sustaniable solutions for every project. We see technology, innovation and entrepreneurship as a means to make a difference.